What is Boudoir Photography

What is boudoir photography and why is it different than your average family portrait session?

Many people have no idea what boudoir photography is. They hear "boudoir" and think it's just women doing sexy photo shoots for attention. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Boudoir is for ALL women, and it's not just about sexy photos! It's about embracing and celebrating your body at any age or size. Boudoir is an empowering experience, not just a sexy photo shoot.

Women book shoots for many different reasons. Sometimes they just want a gift for a significant other, and sometimes it's a gift for themselves. 30th, 40th, 50th birthday? All reasons to celebrate! Achieved fitness goals? Learning to love your curves? Just want to be pampered and feel beautiful?

Let's talk about your typical family shoot, or mini session. You book it online- maybe you see a special for $99 mini sessions, pick your date to book it and then show up the day of (probably never talking to or meeting the photographer ahead of time). You have your session and then typically wait for your gallery of digital images).

This is not how Boudoir works, or at least not how it should work with any professional boudoir photographer! I do phone consultations prior to booking my clients where we go over the process, booking fees, products and pricing and what to expect.

Upon booking and signing a session agreement, I send over shoot prep guides (what to do/ not do before your session and how to prepare), as well as wardrobe prep guides and links to my Pinterest boards. I also provide a size inclusive wardrobe for clients to borrow from (sizes small -4X).

The day of sessions, clients are greeted and offered beverages and light snacks. I always have champagne available.

Clients always receive professional hair and make-up styling. This is an important part of the experience!

During the session, I direct clients on exactly how to pose and how to relax their faces. I will either do the pose myself first or show you a picture of what to do. These sessions are a workout for both of us!

After the session, I'll spend a week or so retouching your images and then we meet either in person or over a zoom call. You'll look through your images and choose which ones you want and how you'd like to display them. Most clients choose one of my gorgeous imported albums and the corresponding digital files. The most popular collections include an album, digital files and prints.

I also offer no interest payment plans and third party financing. Pre-payment plans are a great way for clients to be paid in full before their session and I offer bonuses for those who take advantage of this option!

Want to set up a complimentary phone consultation?

Use the link below

Booking clients in the greater Seattle area (studio spaces in Bothell and Everett)

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